I’ve wanted to write fiction for as long as I can remember, and other things seem to get in the way. No longer. That’s why for the entire month of June I’m offering a Flash Fiction Challenge…

-Send me a prompt (also a genre if you want) and $20

-I will write you a 500 word short story.

You’ll receive the final product in a PDF. Each of these stories will be written and signed by me, but will be yours to keep and enjoy.


Just about anything. The options are limitless. Maybe it’s a story you’ve always wanted to read, or you want to try and stump me with a difficult prompt. Bring it.


Since money is changing hands, I won’t be doing anything with copyrighted material or characters, such as fan fiction.

Payment options

Paypal: johnmoorehouse@gmail.com

Venmo: john-moorehouse-2

Cashapp: $JMoorehouse

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