365 matches in 365 days, each from that specific date on the calendar? Challenge accepted. Welcome to 365 Wrestling.

Looking for one of the most influential independent promotions of the past 10 years? Look no farther than Beyond Wrestling. This promotion based in the Northeast U.S. has seen a stellar array of talent pass through: some making guest appearances, but others working there regularly and parlaying that success into big opportunities for major companies.

Beyond’s list of “homegrown” alumni includes a slew of wrestlers now in AEW: Orange Cassidy, MJF, Santana, Ortiz, Kris Statlander, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Allie, The Butcher, The Blade, Tracy Williams, Joey Janela, Penelope Ford … I could go on. Beyond also has become known for making women’s wrestling and intergender wrestling important components of its product. The latter generated a viral, highly controversial, hotly debated spot involving Chris Dickinson and Kimber Lee that you can watch here:

Beyond even developed its own all-women’s affiliate series of shows, Women’s Wrestling Revolution. Two familiar foes from those events locked horns for Beyond at its I Want It All event, held February 24, 2018.

This match is available for free on Beyond’s YouTube channel, which I have embedded oh-so-helpfully below:

The Context

You probably know Jordynne Grace from her recent exploits in Impact Wrestling, but she’s a seven-year vet at this point. As the commentators note on this match, Grace started out in wrestling when she was just 14 years old. She’s one of the top women in the Beyond/WWR umbrella at this time, winning the Tournament for Tomorrow at the end of 2017 as well as the Revolutionary Rumble the month before this event.

I didn’t know much about Skylar and never had seen her wrestle coming into this. Some research on the Series of Tubes told me that she debuted in 2016. The commentators provide some valuable context as the match begins, noting that Grace defeated Skylar during her victorious run through the TFT.

The Match

These two make very good use of their time in the ring. I enjoy watching Jordynne Grace in the ring, both for her feats of strength and the way she can hit another gear and quicken the pace. We see the latter in the early minutes, as these two combine for seven pin attempts. This creates an immediate sense of urgency for both, and emphasizes the importance of the ouytcome. There’s an especially smooth counter by Skylar on Jordynne’s attempted sliding clothesline, ensnaring her arms for an attempted crucifix pin.

Jordynne is the more proven performer here and she makes Skylar look as good as possible. Skylar holds up her end by hitting all of her offense crisply and with intent. There’s a unique take on the overdone apron bump to set up the closest thing to a heat segment in a back-and-forth match; Skylar misses with a running kick from the apron, gets hoisted with an electric chair, and dropped ring-first on the apron.

Skylar makes a nifty comeback, stringing together a fine flurry of moves. The finish comes abruptly, with Skylar countering another electric chair to surprise Grace in a successful pinning predicament. Given the relative status of both on the card in the Beyond/WWR realm, it’s a result that makes sense.

Random Thoughts

–I’m always a fan for a good-looking spinebuster, and Jordynne hits a sweet one in the home stretch of this match.

–It turns out that 2018 is a big year for Jordynne Grace; she shows out in the Over Budget Battle Royale at All In in September, and signs with Impact shortly after that and quickly enters the title picture.

–I could have done without the commentators implying a fast pace worked against Jordynne Grace because she’s more likely to get blown up because of her size. First off, rude. And secondly, I have eyes and have seen her matches.

Final Rating: 6.1

I couldn’t help but compare this match to another recent viewing in the project where a rising prospect upends a proven star: the Booker T-Bret Hart match. In that contest, Bret dominated his opponent and got caught in a pin at the end, after keeping a methodical pace and allowing little offense. Jordynne Grace controls this match at well, but Skylar gets in more offense, scores a few near-falls along the way, and both maintain a quick urgent pace. I think Jordynne Grace is one of the top women on the current scene, but this is a fine performance by both and a good match worth seeing.

Here’s the complete, ongoing list of matches in this project.

Up Next

Back to Mexico for an action-packed mano e mano match.

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